About Abu Dhabi Farmers Services

Our Core Business

We work with local farmers to improve farming practices, resulting in higher production levels and better quality crops while conserving the country’s environmental resources. In turn, we partner with retailers and large corporate and government customers to provide them with a secure supply of quality local produce fresh from the farms.

Working closely with retailers allows us to learn consumer demands and current supply trends. This knowledge means we can effectively collaborate with farmers to make sure that the industry grows the right quantities of the right food – without the need for subsidies. Essentially, we offer a full suite of services – from field to market – as we work to develop sustainable agriculture for Abu Dhabi.

The Farmers’ Trusted Partner

Our committed team of agricultural and commercial experts are working to:

· Provide on-farm advisory and technical services as well as the necessary inputs to help farmers grow larger volumes of better quality crops – which, in turn, leads to increased incomes
· Develop new and strengthen existing marketing links to wholesale and retail outlets by providing modern, efficient supply chain services, including the packaging and marketing of produce
· Enhance the image and appeal of domestically grown produce
· Ensure the supply of safe food and traceability from producers to consumers
· Represent the best interests of all farmers in strategic agricultural policy formulation
· Control and reduce agricultural water consumption

Our Services to Farmers

ADFSC offers a wide range of FREE services to farmers including:

· Extension services and training, such as:
- Enhanced on-farm livestock management
- Improvements to date palm care, nutrition and harvesting
- Improved irrigation systems and scheduling
- Advice to improve crop production
· Access to best-practice demonstration farms
· Distribution of research findings and improved agricultural techniques
· Assistance in improving farm planning, technology and management

We also offer a range of fee-for-service activities for farmers including:

· Date Palm Services Package
· Farm Management Services Contract
· Fresh Produce Supply Contract
· Small Ruminant Prophylactic Veterinary Services

Retail Operations

ADFSC operates two types of retail outlets:

· Souq ADFSC – a network of convenience stores throughout the Abu Dhabi Emirate supplying fresh, local fruit and vegetables and small grocery items to customers; and

· Agricultural Input Supply Shops – a network of stores selling a wide range of agricultural products (such as fertilizer, animal feed, irrigation equipment) directly to farmers.

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